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The Tunnelrunners – Plastic Land

This is Neath punk band The Tunnelrunners with a song from 1980 called Plastic Land.

They were around for about four years but only ever recorded ten songs at a recording session for Swansea Sound radio station

Five songs made up the first EP, Plastic Land, and the rest were on their second, 100MPH, which has since become one of those mythical lost records.

Only 100 copies were made, about 15 copies sold, and nobody’s ever been able to find a copy – not even the group members had any at the time.

The name of the band came from them watching an item on kid’s TV show, Magpie. The presenter was doing a feature on some kind of burrowing creatures, but she’d forgotten what type.

So she tried to wing it by referring to them throughout as the ‘tunnel runners’.

Lead singer Madoc Roberts is now a documentary maker.

Good interview with him here.

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