Newport is Dead, Long Live Newport


There comes a time when you have to say – enough is enough.

When things have gone too far; when somebody needs to make a stand.

And by sending their workmen to smash down a monument to one of the most important events in modern Welsh history – Newport Council has done just that.

They’ve stood up for the rights of corporations to build massive retail developments wherever they want; without interference from the people who live there.

Because there’s nothing more important to the advancement of Welsh society than the building of retail developments – nothing. No history. No culture. No community. No individual.

By smashing the mural to bits, Newport Council has hammered home this simple and powerful message. Forget about the Chartists. Forget about protests.

Don’t bother collecting petitions or holding-up banners. Don’t bother trying to use reason or logic or appealing to basic human decency. Because none of that matters.

There is no history. There is no democracy. There’s only consuming.

Or as Newport Council put it:

The mural is a modern day depiction of an historical event that happened in Newport and has served to remind us of Newport’s past, but we must now focus on Newport’s future.

And that future is to make Newport town centre a retail wonderland. To create a dreamlike world of generic shops, corporate branding and private security.

It’s not a world where people need to be reminded of their collective power to change and challenge the establishment.

It’s not a world where people need to be confronted or confused by art or culture. It’s a place to buy stuff you don’t really need.

And already this brave new world has started to take shape. As the workers were lobbing the final bits of the Chartist mural into a council skip; the news came through.

That sweet, sweet news. Yes, it was indeed true – Newport’s retail development was to become home to Britain’s biggest 99p store.

Newport is dead. Long live Newport!